We created tillings, all are unique and fit together with all others. In this way “infinite” structures can be created.¬†They are 2D images of 3D structures, which are computed by solving a Cahn-Hilliard equations with appropriate boundary conditions. 100 individual pieces are created and printed on 20cm x 20cm aludibond. This allows to assemble a 200cm x 200cm image with 100! = 9.332622e + 157 variations.

Here are 4 pieces.

They might be used for individualized wallpaper and fashion design or camouflage patterns. The structures can also be used to create a Rubiks cube, with distinct patterns which always matches.

The original 3D structure shows hyperuniformity and thus extraordinary material properties in terms of absorption and reflection of sound and light.

In cooperation with ruestungsschmie.de, Dresden and Wolfram Neumann, Dresden the stucture has been realized.