Evolving Bowl, 2013

The work is inspired by evolution principles in nature and the richness of the generated micromorphology. Mathematically modeling such structures using differential equations and visualizing them not only is a reasonable approach in science but also provides the basis for my work. Here the driving force for phase separation in vinaigrette is mathematical modeled and numerically solved to generate a bowl, with a morphology governed by its potential use. The morphology evolves in time from finer to coarser structures according to the Cahn-Hilliard equation, which is solved using a diffuse domain approach to account for the outer geometry of the bowl. The work shows three snapshots of the evolution, with the oil/water interface 3D printed.

The work was on display at the Art Gallery of 3D Print Show London 2013 and the BILDTAKTIK Exhibition at ALTANA Gallery, Dresden 2016.